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Protect Your Paved Areas and Enjoy These 3 Key Reasons with Soakwell Installation

Paved surfaces like driveways, patios and walkways make your home more functional. Keeping these surfaces intact is essential to ensuring their continued use and enjoyment.

Flooding is one of the worst enemies of paved areas. If stormwater stays too long on a pavement, it can infiltrate the surface and damage the subgrade material. This can lead to early deterioration of paving. 

One of the things to do to prevent damage to your paving after heavy rain is to install a soakwell. A soakwell is an underground tank or structure designed to facilitate fast seepage of stormwater runoff into the soil beneath. This can help protect paved surfaces from water damage. Though soakwell installation may not be a legal requirement for homeowners in your state or local area, there are many valid reasons to consider having a soakwell in your home without being mandated by law. 

Aside from protecting your paved surfaces from potential damage by stormwater, check out these 3 amazing reasons to have a soakwell on your residential property.

Preventing structural damage to your house

If not properly diverted, stormwater runoff can cause structural damage to the foundation of your residential building. Foundation problems after stormwater damage are often costly to repair, so taking steps to protect your home from these problems is in your best interest.

Replenishing the water table

Underground water is a vital water source. Unfortunately, most new developments on land do little to protect it.

As more and more area of vacant land becomes developed to meet new demand for homes, commercial establishments and industrial facilities, the area of permeable surfaces on land decreases. This means that less rainwater is able to reach the aquifers (underground water sources).

Soakwell installation increases the area of water-permeable surfaces, thus resulting in the replenishment of underground water sources. 

Controlling soil erosion

The top layer of soil from the unpaved areas of your residential property can easily get eroded when it rains heavily. A soakwell can help reduce the likelihood of flooding on your property, thus helping you combat soil erosion on your premises.

Keeping the top layer of soil intact is vital for success in landscaping activities such as growing a natural lawn. 

As you can see, soakwell installation can bring incredible benefits to you and the environment. If you're ready to have a soakwell installed in your home, contact a soakwell installation company today to ask for a quote or discuss your needs. 

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