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What Are the Benefits of Foamed Bitumen Cold Recycling?

Road repairs don't always mean that you have to pull up all of the existing surface and replace it. Even if you have a big stretch of road that is no longer fit for purpose, you might be able to use a foamed bitumen cold recycling repair.

How does this repair work and what are the benefits of using it?

What Is Foamed Bitumen Cold Recycling?

Cold recycling allows you to dig up a road or path and then reuse some of its materials to restore it. You combine some of the surface with binding agents to boost the properties of the old material.

For example, if you're working on an asphalt road, you mill off the surface until you get to its sound base. You then crush the asphalt you've taken up and mix it with materials like foam bitumen. This is because the bitumen binds the milled materials together. You can then lay the materials on top of the surface to rebuild the road.

Why Use Foamed Bitumen Cold Recycling?

If you have to remove and replace a road or path, then your costs will increase. You might need to strip the road back completely before putting down new materials to create a more solid surface. As a result, your costs will be relatively high. Plus, the rebuild takes time. You have to prepare the subgrade and lay it down. You then have to lay the new top surface. The more time you spend on the project, the more your labour costs increase.

If you use a foamed bitumen cold recycling process, then you can work faster and all your costs reduce. For example, you might not have to pull up the whole road. If your subgrade is sound, then you can leave it in place.

Foamed bitumen fixes work fine on existing base surfaces. The foaming nature of the bitumen helps it bind with other materials effectively. It helps the surface of the road stick to the subgrade. Plus, you have most of the materials you need on-site. You don't need to buy new materials; you simply recycle what you mill off the road. All you have to do is to mix in the foam bitumen. It strengthens and stabilises your milled materials giving you a durable and high-grade surface.

This process also has environmental benefits. You don't need to buy new surfacing materials and get them to your site. Instead, you effectively use the road to rebuild itself.

To find out more about the benefits of the cold recycling process, contact a foam bitumen service.

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